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Radermachera Sinica / China Doll Plant / Serpent Fern Tree

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With their dark, glossy, lace-like leaves and compact shape, China Doll Plants make attractive additions to any home.

In stock at 2 feet tall, grow to 4′ – 6′ tall


The China doll (Radermachera sinica) is a fairly new houseplant that has become very popular and widely available. This plant is like a tree, with attractive, glossy, mid-green leaves divided into leaflets. This plant remains fairly compact and it’s easy to look after. While their care can be a bit tricky, once you know the basic growing conditions for China doll plants, you can enjoy their presence in your home.

With their dark, glossy, lace-like leaves and compact shape, China Doll Plants make attractive additions to any home.

China Doll Plants are in fact evergreen trees native to the subtropical regions of south-east Asia, specifically China and Taiwan. They are a part of the Bignoniaceae family, and in their ideal outdoor conditions they can grow up to 90’ tall. Indoors they tend to stay between 4’ to 6’ at mature height.

China doll plants need plenty of bright, but indirect, light. They need at least four to five hours of this kind of light a day. If the windows in your house are unable to provide suitable light, then you may want to use an artificial plant light to add additional light. They are also fussy about the temperature that they thrive in. These plants prefer to live in temperatures of 65-75 F. (18-24 C.). They will not tolerate drafts, so make sure that wherever you put your China doll, it remains free from drafts and wind. China doll plants need moist, but well drained, soil. Water when the soil on the top of the pot is dry to the touch. Be careful not to over-water the plant, as it does not like this and can develop root rot if left sitting in water due to poor drainage.

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Botanical Name Radermachera sinica
Common Name China Doll Plant, Serpent Tree, Emerald Tree
Plant Type Houseplant, evergreen tree
Mature Size 4-6’  indoors
Sun Exposure Medium to bright indirect light (indoors), direct sun (outdoors)
Soil Type Moist, well-draining
Soil pH 5.5 to 7.5
Bloom Time Early spring to summer; does not flower indoors
Flower Color White, yellow
Native Area China, Taiwan


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