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Double Heart Hoya Plant



The Hoya kerrii is commonly called the Hoya Heart Plant because of its green heart-shaped leaves. This single leaf cutting is a fun, whimsical way to show your plant love. It is partially rooted but does not have a node. It will stay as an adorable heart-shaped leaf for years to come.

Often used as a first timer plant, this leaf will always remain heart shaped.

Great for decorating in atrium or patio, or as a keep it as a graceful house plant.


Considered as one of the EASIEST plants to maintain, they mostly just need light, water, and a container to grow!

Listing is for one plant similar to the ones in the photos. Plants have been growing in 4 in pots.

Make sure to soak plant with water when soil is completely dry. Check soil is dry before watering again

Best tip is to stick your thumb in the soil and check for moisture.

Bonus points — Hoya heart plants are safe for animals!

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