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Medium Ceramic Plant Garden


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Bring the outdoors in with this lush green potted garden. Arranged in a low white bowl, the assortment of living potted plants can be enjoyed inside, then planted outside at a later date. You can’t go wrong with this versatile, long-lasting gift.
  • This 7″ to 8″ miniature garden of living plants includes dracaena, variegated ivy, palm, spathiphyllum and white butterfly syngonium, arranged in a low bowl with, sheet moss or bark accents.
  • Orientation: All-Around
A lovely array of cheerful plants is just the right size for a mid-size desk or table. It’s also just the right choice for that special someone.

Dracaena, ivy, palm, dieffenbachia, peperomia and philodendron plants arrive in a low decorative bowl.

  • Orientation : All-Around

Need a small size, order a small dish garden arrangement.


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