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Beautiful casket flowers are the perfect way to honor your loved one. All arrangements are delivered to the funeral home by an experienced local florist. Flowers for the casket are a beautiful and elegant way to convey your heartfelt sympathies. Such arrangements as Casket Sprays, Floral Rosaries, Casket Crosses, or Lid Arrangements are usually sent by the immediate family and meant to be displayed on the casket in an intimate memorial. If you need assistance, please contact our Specialty Sympathy Advisors; (574) 354-8233.

Ordering Funeral Casket Flowers

One of the most important flowers for funeral services in the beautiful floral tribute that adorns the casket. Casket sprays are the central flower arrangement and create a beautiful tribute to the deceased. Available in a variety of colors and styles, casket sprays become an expression of a unique life that was well-lived. We offer casket sprays that adorn both the inside and the outside of the casket and are designed for both open and closed caskets.

When a loved one dies, flowers are a beautiful way to honor them. There are many floral arrangements that are commonly found at funerals, but some of the most beautiful are the casket sprays. Floral casket sprays are large attractive arrangements that blanket the casket. Funeral casket sprays are typically purchased by the parent or spouse of the person that has passed away. If you are the person making this purchase, you’ll want only the best flowers and arrangements to adorn the casket of your loved one. Kremp Florist takes this responsibility seriously and can create beautiful casket sprays for men as well as casket sprays for women.

Not sure of what type of casket spray to get? There are two types of floral casket sprays, the full-couch spray and the half-couch spray. The type of funeral service will determine which is the best spray to choose. If planning a closed casket ceremony, full-couch funeral casket sprays will cover the majority of the casket and are the best choice. If holding an open casket service, the half-couch casket spray is the correct option. Half-couch sprays are floral casket sprays that only cover the lower half of the casket.

When choosing casket sprays for funerals you’ll want to pick the right flowers for the arrangement. The most common types of flowers for funeral casket sprays are roses and carnations. Other types of flowers are also used when creating floral casket sprays. These flowers include gerbera daisies, tulips, snapdragons, orchids, gladiolas, and lilies. Chrysanthemums are also a common flower in funeral arrangements. Casket sprays may include a single type of flower or a combination of flowers and foliage to create a stunning arrangement.

Color is another consideration when choosing casket sprays for funerals. There are several ways to choose the right color for the spray. One is to select a color based on the gender of the deceased. Casket sprays for men may use flowers that have a more gender-neutral coloring. White, red, or yellow flowers, for example, work well in casket sprays for men. When choosing casket sprays for women, pink and purple flowers are an option. As with men, red, white and other more gender-neutral colors are also an option for casket sprays for women. Another way to choose flower colors is to use flowers in the deceased person’s favorite color.

During your time of grief, you need a florist that respects your need to honor your deceased loved one. You can depend on us and trust in our ability to create perfect and beautiful casket sprays. We have a variety of full or half-couch casket sprays for funerals to choose from. Because funerals are often expensive, you’ll find not only a variety of style choices, but you will also find that we have arrangements to fit any budget as well. Have questions about ordering a casket spray for a loved one? Call us today and we will answer any questions that you might have, as well as help you select the right spray for the casket.

When you order casket sprays from Jayla’s Flowers, a skilled and compassionate florist works directly with the funeral home to ensure that your delivery is timely and the right choice for your service and budget. Typically the family will order a few days in advance of the funeral to give the florist plenty of time to design and deliver a fitting tribute.

Casket Sprays

Honor someone special and send casket sprays for mom, dad, a friend, or loved one to show respect. Each casket spray comes with an easel stand and card. Flowers for casket adornments are hand delivered by a licensed local florist. Pick from luxury, premium, and cheap casket sprays. Funeral flowers for casket adornment come in oval, bible, cross, and more shapes to fit every individual.

We also have rosary garlands, flower pillows, casket posies, and hinge sprays that are typically placed inside the casket. We recommend trying to order casket flowers as far in advance of the funeral as you can to ensure time for arrangement and delivery. Same-day flower delivery is available on most flower arrangements. Place your order before 2:00 pm, Monday – Friday, and before 12:00 pm on Saturdays. No Sundays sales, but, we will deliver for funerals.

Types of Casket Flower Arrangements

There are two significant roles funeral and memorial services perform for those in attendance. One is to provide comfort and support to the family of the deceased. Another important function is the opportunity to express a personal message to the deceased. The casket, whether it be open or closed, becomes the symbolic vessel for this important exchange. Adorning the casket with beautiful, luminous casket sprays gives this moment an even greater significance.

Flowers for funeral and memorial services show care, love, and support. Casket sprays for funeral and memorial services serve the specific function of wrapping the deceased in a spiritual and poetic arrangement that symbolizes transcendence and grace.

When shopping for casket spray flowers online, you’ll find two types of arrangements to choose from. Full couch casket sprays are placed in the middle of the casket and are larger than half-couch casket spray flowers. Full couch displays are usually ordered if it is a closed casket funeral. Whereas the smaller half-couch sprays are typically used for half-open casket services. they derive their names from the old-fashioned word for a casket, which was “couch.” Honor the departed with a majestic casket spray and bring grace and beauty to the funeral or memorial service. For more help sending funeral sprays, learn the meaning of funeral flowers and funeral service etiquette to make sure you are ordering the correct flowers.


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