At Jayla’s Flowers, LLC, our tagline is “We deliver for you”.

We did not come up with this tagline lightly.

At its core, it represents why we do what we do, and how we are as a business and humans.

We worked closely with DIR a local business consulting and research firm, as will as Margaret at Monkeyhouse, a local full service marketing agency to come up with the tagline.

The meaning of we deliver for you.

It means more than dropping something beautiful off at a door in a timely fashion.

“We deliver for you” means delivering answers.

Delivering happiness.

Delivering intentional customer service.

Delivering with honesty, integrity, and best of intentions for our community, customers, staff, vendors, and planet.

We deliver compassion when dealing with loss and grief.

We deliver joy when celebrating a birthdays, an anniversary, and a special occasion.

We deliver guidance to brides, businesses, widows, and long distance relationships.

We deliver confidentially for gift from secret admirers and anonymous friends.

We deliver consideration to the environment and mankind.

Did you know, a portion of each plant we sell goes to planting a new plant to replace what we use, and a tree in Africa, Asia, or South American in proportion of where our plants are grown and extracted from.

Most importantly, we delivery faithfully in accordance to our belief and trust in Jesus Christ.

We deliver for you, because He delivered us. And, wants us to help you see a glimpse of His love in what we do for you.

If you have any needs, questions, or concerns about your flowers, gifts, plant, or anything else. Please, let us know.

We want to know you, and grow old with you.

Thanks for the opportunity you have given us to deliver for you and to honor Him.

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